Nurturing massage

A caring touch

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Nurturing massage is a opportunity to receive caring positive touch, for any one who is unwell or recovering from an operation. The treatment is safe and appropriate if you are elderly. It is a gentle yet effective type of massage which can relieve pain, reduce low feelings and assist with sleeping difficulties.


Rosie is trained in Clinical Aromatherapy in Cancer Care, and in the 'M' Technique which is accredited by FHT and CThA. She combines the teachings of these courses along with the experience gained working voluntarily in a hospice and a clinic, providing massage and aromatherapy services, to create the unique experience that is nurturing massage. 


Nurturing massage may help anyone suffering with fear, anxiety, grief, depression, migraines, sleep difficulties, low immune function and digestive upsets, as well as being generally uplifting. 

Coming for aromatherapy and being able to talk to Rosie helped me more than anything after a deep bereaveme
— Shirley