Hopi ear candling

Relax and rejuvenate


Hopi ear candling or Thermo-Auricular therapy is an ancient and natural treatment for ear, nose and throat problems. Candles are a natural material tube impregnated with  a traditional Hopi Indian recipe, which includes beeswax,honey and herbs, all known for their healing properties. 

During the treatment, you lay on your side in a comfortable position, with your head supported so your ear canal is vertical. The candle is then lit and the non-burning end is placed gently into the outer ear passage. While burning, the candle generates a pleasant crackling sound and the movement of air created by a chimney effect, generates a gentle vibration that massages your eardrum and stimulates blood circulation to aid your immune system.

Sessions also include a gentle aromatherapy massage to the ears and sinus areas, stimulating energy points and reflex zones. People report feeling a deep sense of peace and calm following treatment


Rosie qualified in Hopi ear candling in 2000. She only uses CE marked Biosun ear candles. 


Hopi ear candles can be helpful for earache, sinusitis, sore throat, headaches and migraines. The therapy can also improve mild hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Ear candling has been found to be an effective way to prevent earache turning into an infection for both adults and children.