To ensure that the treatment is tailored to your health and well being, Rosie will need to ask and record some personal health details.

Please allow an extra 30 mins time to your first appointment, to allow for the chat and form filling, which you will be required to sign, and for a little rest and relaxation afterwards. To gain the most benefit from treatments it is best to take things easy and allow yourself some time to rest and relax at home if possible, and to stay out of the sun.

 Treatment is enhanced if you drink plenty of water or herbal tea to help the body detox. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing that is not anything special as you may be a little oily after the massage




General FAQ

What do you need to know before I come for a massage?

Rosie will ask some basic questions when taking a booking and will always confirm the details again at the start of the appointment. This includes any current medical conditions, medications you are taking and any allergies your might have. In some situations you may need to contact a doctor, consultant or midwife before coming for your treatment.

I have allergies, will this effect my treatment?

Allergies can be helped by aromatherapy and massage but a patch test may be required beforehand. Please contact Rosie to make a consultation appointment prior to your treatment.

I would like to find out about aromatherapy and essential oils but am not interested in having a massage. 

Rosie offers consultation appointments to check details of your health, likes and dislikes to offer suggestions and advice. She can also supply oils.

Can Rosie make home visits?

Rosie may make home visits, to those who are unable to come to her.

Is Rosie available for talks and presentations?

Rosie is very happy to discuss opportunities to give talks and presentations. Please contact her by telephone or email to talk through your requirements.



Baby massage FAQ

My baby has colic and I have been told that massage would help, can Rosie provide a treatment?

Massage can be very helpful for colic and babies, but they need to get used to it gradually and is best given by parents (or main care giver). Rosie instructs in baby massage to enable you to massage your baby.

Can my mother or partner learn too?

Yes, babies usually love being massaged by the important people in their lives. A doll can be made available for a partner to practice on during the session. By the end of the course, you will be able to show other care-givers how to massage your baby too. 

What if my baby cries or needs feeding?

Crying is a perfectly natural way for babies to communicate so there is no need to worry or feel uncomfortable if your baby cries during class. It is important that you can feel comfortable to pause and comfort or feed your baby during sessions.

What is the best product to massage my baby with?

Rosie supplies a safe, unscented organic oil for baby massage. Mineral oils, scented oils, or cooking oils are not recommended.