Baby massage

Time for two



Baby massage is easy to learn and provides a special opportunity for you and your baby to bond........ and it's fun.

Courses usually consist of four to six sessions in a relaxed environment where you will comfortably learn and gain confidence massaging your baby. The course helps you understand the benefits of communication through touch.

During each session, Rosie demonstrates strokes on a doll for you to copy and practice on your baby. The massage sequence is taught slowly so you and your baby can get used to the touch. She also provides information, guidance and time for discussion. Organic massage oil and handouts of the massage steps are included.

Rosie can also run group baby massage sessions. Please contact her for more information.


Rosie trained with the International Association for Infant Massage (IAIM) and has has over 10 years' experience as a qualified instructor.

She has run classes for mixed group sizes including taster sessions during postnatal classes, and larger classes for Dorset Adult Education (Family Learning) at the Somerford children's centre.


Massage can benefit babies and children of any age. Classes are recommended for babies from three weeks to 8-9 months (or crawling).

Baby massage can help:

  • Promote bonding and enhance your ability to understand your baby’s needs
  • Improve your baby’s sleep and help both you and your baby to relax
  • Aid your baby’s digestion by relieving wind and constipation
  • Relieve skin conditions, soothe teething pain and strengthen your baby’s immune system
  • Develop your baby’s muscle tone and co-ordination

“I firmly believe that the baby massage has had a positive influence in all areas of my baby’s life and I would recommend all mums to try baby massage, as the babies really do love it!”
— Natasha